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Skype Installation error

Recently after upgrading my OS from windows 8.1 to Windows 10 i was unable to reload back Skype due to an error "Please install Skype from windows store for best experiences" and redirected me to Microsoft website which intimately did not work.  Below is the screenshot of the error. It was a quick and easy … Continue reading Skype Installation error

Bug with the latest release of Quickbooks.

With the latest release of Quickbooks update people have reported several issues with it. I am talking about R7P for Quickbooks 2016 and R10P for Quickbooks 2015 ( one can press f2 while quickbooks is open to check the release) In most cases Quickbooks keeps asking you to change the password again and again and … Continue reading Bug with the latest release of Quickbooks.

NeatDesk, Great way to enter transaction..

Do you go crazy when you are overloaded with data entry in Quickbooks? Neat is the solution. Whats Neat ? NeatDesk is a high-speed, duplex desktop scanner and smart organization system. Scan receipts, business cards and documents in one batch while the software identifies, extracts, and organizes key information. The best part. It integrates beautifully … Continue reading NeatDesk, Great way to enter transaction..

Is your computer safe & protected.?

Protect Your Computer Online world can be dangerous therefore its important that you protect your privacy and data by using safety measures and good practices to protect your computer. The following tips will help you lower your risk while you're online. Install a firewall A firewall is a software program or piece of hardware that blocks … Continue reading Is your computer safe & protected.?